Chievo-Torino won't be moved

The Granata youth team will attend the service instead.

“We will try to organise other moments to commemorate the Superga tragedy.”

Torino are unhappy with the refusal of the Lega Serie A to move their game with 网络外围投注-scayt_word=”Chievo” data-scaytid=”3″>Chievo on May 4, as it coincides with the Superga anniversary.

“This is not a lack of respect towards Torino, who we feel close to, as in Verona there will be a minute’s silence and both tea线上足球投注ms will play with black armbands,” said Lega chief Maurizio Beretta.

Every year the current Torino squad visits the Basilica for a special remembrance service, but this year that won’t be possible.

It’s because the Lega Serie A has refused an appeal to move the game against Chievo at the Stadio Bentegodi in Verona on May 4.

The entire Grande Torino team died in a plane crash at the Basilica on Superga mountain on their way back from a friendly against Benfica on May 4 1949.